Ancient Hawaii - Papa K

Papa K

The HA Breath

by Claudine Marchand

The late Sylvester Kepelino, “Papa K”, still lives in the land of his heart, Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Seer, Kahuna (expert) of his ancestral Hawaiian Healing, revered Kupuna (elder) of Hawaiian roots, Papa K holds the heart of a child in wonder of creation. Even after his challenging upbringing, papa K went on to master the traditions of his origins. He reminded me that I am Hawaiian and that the Hawaiians came as one of the original 12 tribes of Egypt. The Hawaiians came from Lemuria and Atlantis to Egypt and then made their long ancestral pilgrimage to what are the Hawaiian islands today. The original Hawaiian tradition existed until the overthrow by Pa'o with his Tahitian army.

Papa K taught me the original Hawaiian healing breath called “HA” and how to lomilomi according to his ancient roots. He showed me how to present sacred offerings through designated ceremonies. He was one of the last to speak ancient Hawaiian and he had authored a book teaching the ancient Hawaiian language. We feasted on “poki”, fresh raw fish prepared Hawaiian style. He made me an accomplice in sneaking a cigarette past his wife while he was on an oxygen respirator. He shared his meager wealth with everybody, laughed and let things pass.

On his birthday we sang, ate delicious Hawaiian food and he delighted in opening the many gifts received from friends, family and admirers. Although in his last years Papa K suffered from diabetes necessitating to sever one leg, he went around in his wheelchair eating ice-cream. His wonderful ”Talk story” sessions about the night rainbow, the miracles he witnessed, the joyful memories with his loving wife he lost through cancer and the new life he chose with his second beloved wife Rebecca, went far into the night. His joy was sharing love and welcoming all souls who needed help. He always gave away, shared his food, his house and whatever money was in his pocket. He loved people and helped many find themselves and live their gifts.