Gift of Humpback Whales


Humpback Whales

remind humanity that we are gods & the meaning of ”gods”.

Humpback Whales are the Gardians of the original history of mankind.


Humpback whales sing yet they have no vocal cords. Singing, as sounds are vibration, is one of our most powerful creative acts connecting us to matter and spirit. Thus we enter into a relationship with our spiritual powers and abilities and awaken our healing energies. Humpback whales remind humanity that we are gods and the meaning of ”gods”.


Video 2:57 Whale Song


They are ancient ancestors swimming through the deep and mysterious pools of intuition.

They know your connection to ancestors. They knows your special abilities and sacred gifts you have been born to share with others. Whales know the purpose you have come to serve in this life. Whales help to arise the memories of our DNA from another time and space, when we were more connected and in tune with the ocean and her beings - maybe from Lemuria or Atlantis.

In the wisdom of many Native tribes, the whale is a symbol of the beginning, the creation of all life on earth as we know it. Countless cultures around the globe associate themes of creation, birth and rebirth with the whale. Other symbolic suggestions are deeper awareness, cosmic consciousness, nurturing and devotion to community, appreciation for beauty, especially song and dance, and the importance of balance, emotional and otherwise. The whale symbolizes emotional creativity, well-being, nurturing as well as emotional depth. The whale can facilitate emotional clarity, and help us navigate through the often ambiguous and confusing seas of emotion.