Rekindle your Heart


With fall dressing trees in stunning red, cosy brown and golden yellow. The moment may have come to take stock of how we welcome the events of our "normal" days.
Are we easily stressed, thrown out of our trajectory?
Or are we able to greet with equanimity what ever the winds of destiny shower upon us ?

The Hopi regard our Hearts as the gatekeepers of our life. Its role is to welcome any situation, be it joyful or a challenge, in a neutral way. Only then can mind and gut give their opinion and we as person are able to take an informed decision, considering the highest good of all involved. Thus our acts are contributing to our personal well-being, as much as the one of our families, our work environment and our communities. Informed actions create feelings of responsibility, joy and caring.

To support serenity in our lives, there are many tools available:

- Heart coherence, as researched and taught by Heartmath
- Mindfullness, proposed in a non-faith related approach by Jack Kornfield (MBSR)
- A conscious walk in nature
- Being deeply involved in joyful sports
- Taking time out to breathe to our lungs full capacity

What about continuing this list with your favorite activities that are bringing you "back home"?
And .... do it!