TMW – Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing

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Consciousness through movement.

Living life from the inside out.


C O U R S E   D E S C R I P T I O N

Within each of us is love’s original divine spark. This course is about learning to feel and see our true nature, to directly experience it in our body. Expect to feel the stillness behind the busyness. Expect to feel the fullness of your being. Expect to know your true Self. This method is a way of distilling the essence through Tai Chi. This path guides you to Source rather than the form of Tai Chi Chuan. Welcome yourself in your body, then in your Self. No matter what you look like doing it, it’s about what you feel.

Richard Farmer, developer of TMW, tells us: “Tai Chi master said yes. I was ready to learn when I was present. Finally all the masks had slipped away. I, Richard Farmer was present “.

This is the beginning of spiritual Tai Chi.
Be Present – a sense of soft strength - Nobility. 


Tai Chi is a dynamic interplay between Yin and Yang, inviting you to discover the place of original balance between Heaven and Earth, inside and outside, me and other.

TMW, Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing, are simple and complete, easy to learn for anybody, can be practiced standing or sitting, wherever you are, at anytime. One movement takes only seconds, one whole sequence only five minutes.

I am certified to teach these simple to learn movements in a few easy lessons. Are you ready? Are you present?


Video 2:18

by Richard Farmer




Courses taught by Claudine Marchand, certified TMW teacher.


Y O U R   B E N E F I T S

  • Consciousness through movement
  • Relieves mind wandering
  • Feeling centered & stable to handle daily challenges
  • Helping to recover from surgery
  • Helping stroke patients
  • Relieves post traumatic stress disorder
  • More energy and less work stress
  • Feeling in balance, mentally and physically



The movements took me by the heart
Another chore to do, I thought. Then the movements took me by the heart and had me dance with them – JB


My posture affected my husband
Now I understand how my attitude and body posture could bring out the violence in my husband. – JoS


TMW helps me go back to sleep
Any time I wake up at night TMW helps me go back to sleep in deep serenity. – EA


TMW trained my body
How often did I forget to respect my own limits and my grace in a day? TMW trained my body to call me to order. – MF


First time I have ever felt the place of stillness
It’s the first time I have ever felt the place of stillness, in alignment and connection with source while doing a movement of this Tai Chi.. – SGA