What are the dolphins saying ?



Dolphins are telling us
we are multi-dimensional light as they are

Humanity was born from the Dolphins’ dream


They encourage us to find our lightness again in all the senses of light. Our JOY calls them to meet us in the wild.


If you've ever spent time near a dolphin in its natural environment you probably felt a change in energy. Perhaps you felt peace, harmony or overall acceptance and well-being. Your heart grew larger. It’s not your imagination. According to marine biologists, there is something about the vibrational energy of a dolphin and its sonar that has an effect on our molecular structure. Dolphins can break up negative energy. Listening to them can also boost your relaxation response and endorphin levels.


Video 3:43  Filmed in the wild


Besides gifts of healing and protection, dolphins provide a wealth of spiritual messages for us. Watch these beings and notice their message of joy and playfulness. Each dolphin has its own unique individual signal. They inspire us to speak our own truth as individuals.


Community is very important to them. When a dolphin is sick or hurt others will come to their aid, encircling and protecting. Also, when a mother gives birth, the pod will assist and surround mother and child shielding them from predators. How can we in our daily life be more cooperative and connected with others ?


According to many spiritual traditions, dolphins also symbolize breathing or the breath of life. Their blowholes are at the top of their heads. This can inspire us to breathe fully, from the center of the Earth to the center of our Galaxy, not only physically but spiritually as well.